Unspoken (Featuring Banff, Canada)

Dear You, First words. I dreamt about your first words. In the early days that was all I could ever think about, as days dragged into weeks and weeks into months of an agonising wait game. “How have you been, kiddo?” After three years of respectful silence these are hardly the first words I had…

Happiness Is… (The Photo Edit)

1. Family Family happiness is universally considered to be one of the most influential underpinnings of spiritual happiness. During this year’s festive season, I hope you are surrounded by the people you love, and whom love you back, unconditionally. 2. Friendship Happiness is sharing our journey with friends, whom enrich our lives in more ways…

Light House (Featuring Melbourne, Australia)

Light shines bright in the sky Illuminating our lives In shades of vivid hues and meaning Light shines Through depths of sorrow and despair Casting shadows everywhere A beacon of hope, love and laughter It shines selflessly Most people call it Home…

Jungfrau Region (Switzerland) – A Hiker’s Paradise (Part 2)

Most climbers aren’t in fact deranged, they’re just infected with a particularly virulent strain of the Human Condition. – Jon Krakauer (Eiger Dreams) Start here for Part 1 of my Hiker’s Paradise in Switzerland’s Jungfrau region.  Grindelwald Fresh from my discovery of Lauterbrunnen and Gimmelwald just the day before, I set out to explore Switzerland’s…

Jungfrau Region (Switzerland) – A Hiker’s Paradise (Part 1)

Let me start by apologising for my prolonged absence from my beloved WP community. Sure, I have replied to comments and even stalked my favourite sites from time to time, but for the most part, it might have appeared that I’d slipped into premature hibernation. Alas, I have just been travelling! Unlike my previous travels,…

Unforgettable (Featuring Eagle’s Nest)

Dear You, We often speak of time standing still. We speak of seismic moments; moments which never fail to immobilise us in our thoughts and prayers for another exquisite encounter. We speak of our dreams, hopes and joys – near and afar – as if destined to live out our forever in the numbered days….

5 TED Talks to Change Your Mind

I logged into WordPress today, horrified at the realisation that I have not produced any original content for over a month (Almost Friends was really a repost from August)! A blogger I follow astutely pointed out that if we don’t adequately nourish and nurture our blogs, what right do we have to demand an active…

Photo-Blog Day 26 – Copenhagen (Goodbye)

Dear Copenhagen Goodbyes are never easy. But I wonder why they must always be this hard. You’ve always known how much I needed to be here. Now you know how grateful I am to be here; and that leaving you for the second time is no easier than the first. I look at the expectant…

Photo-Blog Day 25 – Copenhagen

A lack of time has oftentimes been the culprit of everything; from our inability to spend quality time with loved ones, to more fundamentally our inability to see beyond our fingertips. It is just as well then that I am in Denmark – the purveyor of dreams and possibilities – where time is measured not…

Photo-Blog Day 23 – Copenhagen

They say we should always leave something for next time. So this is my Next Time. Like a secret lover I’ve been counting down the days before I can see you again. Have you missed me, my dear Copenhagen? – Copenhagen

Photo-Blog Day 22 – Amsterdam 

Is there someone you’ve never quite forgotten? Would you lose yourself in streets just like this, hoping for a familiar figure to come into view, a smile on their face, brimming with pleasant expectancy of seeing you again? – Amsterdam

Photo-Blog Day 21 – Giethoorn

If I were to conjure up a perfect day it would start by waking to a countryside radiant with a riot of colours, fireworks in the sky and you by my side. – Giethoorn

Photo-Blog Day 20 – Amsterdam 

There is something about the world’s most liberal city – with the scent of marijuana perfuming the air and red draped windows adorning the canals – that makes me desperately hold onto moments of tranquillity like this. – Amsterdam 

Photo-Blog Day 19 – Amsterdam

I have never been as ambivalent about a place as I am about Amsterdam. It is as if the traditionalist in me has been physically torn between the familiarity of old ways and the insouciant liberalism pervading the land; caught between an urge to run and hide, and an urge to embrace. – Amsterdam