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  1. Ida Auclond says:

    I’ve just decided I need to go there someday. It’s so dreamy! ♥

    1. Jolene says:

      😊 It’s indeed a little slice of heaven, highly recommended if you are in Holland. Most people don’t know about it.

  2. Len Kagami says:

    Just like a painting! So pretty!

    1. Jolene says:

      It’s a dog house! (A house that is meant to look like a dog from a distance.) It is a picturesque little town.

      1. Len Kagami says:

        Oh yeah! The house is truly a dog! I couldn’t see it before 🙂

  3. That picture is what beautiful dreams look like, the actual photo and the description!❤

    1. Jolene says:

      Hehe, it is a little paradise. Apparently the Dutch choose to retire here (not hard to see why). 🙂

      1. Hahaha!! Yeah I know what you mean 😊

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