Together – The Connections We Crave When We Are Apart

When was the last time you felt lonely?   What brings you joy?   I would invite you to hold onto those thoughts for a moment.   As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on our lives and livelihoods in 2020, another pandemic – infinitely more insidious and damaging – ravaged our hearts. Often referred to…

Jungfrau Region (Switzerland) – A Hiker’s Paradise (Part 2)

Most climbers aren’t in fact deranged, they’re just infected with a particularly virulent strain of the Human Condition. – Jon Krakauer (Eiger Dreams) Start here for Part 1 of my Hiker’s Paradise in Switzerland’s Jungfrau region.  Grindelwald Fresh from my discovery of Lauterbrunnen and Gimmelwald just the day before, I set out to explore Switzerland’s…

Jungfrau Region (Switzerland) – A Hiker’s Paradise (Part 1)

Let me start by apologising for my prolonged absence from my beloved WP community. Sure, I have replied to comments and even stalked my favourite sites from time to time, but for the most part, it might have appeared that I’d slipped into premature hibernation. Alas, I have just been travelling! Unlike my previous travels,…

Unforgettable (Featuring Eagle’s Nest)

Dear You, We often speak of time standing still. We speak of seismic moments; moments which never fail to immobilise us in our thoughts and prayers for another exquisite encounter. We speak of our dreams, hopes and joys – near and afar – as if destined to live out our forever in the numbered days….

Why I Fail at New Year’s Resolutions (& How 2018 Will Be Different)

As the hour chimed midnight and fireworks danced across the skies of Sydney Harbour, I sat on my favourite couch and eagerly Googled this term: New Year’s Resolutions. As a firm believer of “what will be will be”, I’m not one to dwell on resolutions. After a particularly tumultuous 2017, however, a confidence booster would…

Photo-Blog Day 26 – Copenhagen (Goodbye)

Dear Copenhagen Goodbyes are never easy. But I wonder why they must always be this hard. You’ve always known how much I needed to be here. Now you know how grateful I am to be here; and that leaving you for the second time is no easier than the first. I look at the expectant…

Photo-Blog Day 25 – Copenhagen

A lack of time has oftentimes been the culprit of everything; from our inability to spend quality time with loved ones, to more fundamentally our inability to see beyond our fingertips. It is just as well then that I am in Denmark – the purveyor of dreams and possibilities – where time is measured not…

Photo-Blog Day 23 – Copenhagen

They say we should always leave something for next time. So this is my Next Time. Like a secret lover I’ve been counting down the days before I can see you again. Have you missed me, my dear Copenhagen? – Copenhagen

Photo-Blog Day 22 – Amsterdam 

Is there someone you’ve never quite forgotten? Would you lose yourself in streets just like this, hoping for a familiar figure to come into view, a smile on their face, brimming with pleasant expectancy of seeing you again? – Amsterdam

Photo-Blog Day 21 – Giethoorn

If I were to conjure up a perfect day it would start by waking to a countryside radiant with a riot of colours, fireworks in the sky and you by my side. – Giethoorn

Photo-Blog Day 20 – Amsterdam 

There is something about the world’s most liberal city – with the scent of marijuana perfuming the air and red draped windows adorning the canals – that makes me desperately hold onto moments of tranquillity like this. – Amsterdam 

Photo-Blog Day 19 – Amsterdam

I have never been as ambivalent about a place as I am about Amsterdam. It is as if the traditionalist in me has been physically torn between the familiarity of old ways and the insouciant liberalism pervading the land; caught between an urge to run and hide, and an urge to embrace. – Amsterdam

Photo-Blog Day 18 – Neuschwanstein

As a homebody, I used to content myself with the safety net of home. I can almost pinpoint the exact moment when that can no longer content me. Alas, I can’t escape the fate of many; that ultimately we are pilgrims in a social landscape. – Neuschwanstein Castle

Photo-Blog Day 17 – Bavarian Alps

A part of our consciousness will always respond to the vibrations of beauty. Just as a sunflower to the sun, and a heart to warmth. – Bavarian Alps