5 TED Talks to Change Your Mind

I logged into WordPress today, horrified at the realisation that I have not produced any original content for over a month (Almost Friends was really a repost from August)! A blogger I follow astutely pointed out that if we don’t adequately nourish and nurture our blogs, what right do we have to demand an active following? After much introspection, I decided to herald my return to blogging with two agendas in mind.

First and foremost, I want to thank all of my Followers! When I publicised SoMuchToTellYou in August last year, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that those five monosyllabic words which I refuse to separate would ultimately lead me to you – to all 300 of you! You have enriched my life in ways that defy belief, and I genuinely thank you for your companionship along this wonderfully revealing journey.

As a token of my appreciation, I would like to share with you some of my treasured findings during my month-long hiatus. I have trawled the TED Talk back catalogue to bring you my Top 5 TEDs that will (hopefully) change your outlook in life.

1. What Makes a Good Life?

When I pause to ponder (which is what I call an “in between” job, i.e. in between commutes to work, in between battling the daily grind), I constantly ask myself whether what I already have constitutes a good life. Have the millennials got it right in pursuing – at all costs- materialistic wealth and fame? Or have we, in our unrealistic pursuits, lost all sights of what it takes to lead fulfilling, wholesome lives? In one of the longest uninterrupted studies on adult development, the answer is illuminating; if not illuminatingly simple…

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

2. There’s More to Life Than Being Happy

What if the pursuit of happiness is the root cause of our unhappiness? What if the end game is not Happiness itself, but something much greater? In this talk, the elusive factors of happiness manifest themselves when we are able to combine the four key pillars: belonging, meaning, transcendence and story-telling.

Our culture is obsessed with happiness, but I came to see that seeking meaning is the more fulfilling path.

3. Islamophobia Killed My Brother – Let’s End the Hate

With diversity comes division. Religion and politics are arguably two of the most socially polarising topics, and yet most of us plead ignorance when our divergent views cast ominous shadows on others. Nowhere are society’s double standards more pronounced than in this heartrending tale of senseless brutality and ostracism. When murder in cold blood is cloaked as a mere parking dispute we know we have stooped to a new low.

I am who I am because of you.

4. How to Get Better at the Things You Care About

Ever wondered why it is so easy to fall into the stagnation trap? Or why it is so easy to succumb to a complacent life? Studies have found that alternating between the Learning Zone and the Performance Zone is one of the most effective ways in perfecting the art of self-improvement.

Create low stake islands in an otherwise high stakes sea.

5. How I Fail at Being Disabled

If my Top 4 gave you plenty of food for thought, how about some light-hearted entertainment for a change of pace. It takes enormous positivity and grace to tackle our shortcomings head-on, and to do this with as much hilarity? It would be no easy feat. So sit back, and hope you enjoy the last 8 minutes of a fruitful hour.

I am legally blind; though I prefer partially sighted.

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