Almost Friends

There is a bus shelter not too far from my place

Boasting a fresh coat of red and white paint

It beckons


As if keen to rouse me from my trancelike state

With a coffee in one hand

And a head full of Coldplay

I dash for the 7.23 that would take me to corporate dystopia

And far away from Her


There is a bus shelter not too far from her place

She goes there


A lonely figure on the single wooden bench

Her long, golden tresses frame an unremarkable face

But she wears a placid look always

Unfazed by the human traffic weaving about her

She is absorbed in her readings

And I

Equally absorbed in her


I watch calmly as my 7.23 disappear into the sunrise

I take the empty seat beside her

Taking a deep breath, I turn

Hi, what are you reading?


There is a bus shelter not too far from our place

The red and whites have faded now

But shine just as brightly in our hearts

How to tell if a boy who skips work is trying to hit on you

You said, with a twinkle in your eye

I never took the 7.23 after that

I never left your side after that

We lead a quieter life now

A life of two kids, a dog and a book bar around the corner

From where it all started

A life punctuated

Not by caffeine shots and wake-up music

But by bursts of family happiness

Leaving us so full and so utterly defenceless

At the same time…


There is that bus shelter etched in my mind

Where I saw you everyday

I wish I knew then what I know now

I wish I have then what I have never found


To say to you

Hi, what are you reading?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Your poem is so utterly lovely!!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Jolene says:

      Thanks so much Truly…

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