Photo-Blog Day 18 – Neuschwanstein

As a homebody, I used to content myself with the safety net of home. I can almost pinpoint the exact moment when that can no longer content me. Alas, I can’t escape the fate of many; that ultimately we are pilgrims in a social landscape. – Neuschwanstein Castle

Photo-Blog Day 17 – Bavarian Alps

A part of our consciousness will always respond to the vibrations of beauty. Just as a sunflower to the sun, and a heart to warmth. – Bavarian Alps

Photo-Blog Day 16 – Mondsee

Sometimes the smallest of things can trigger an avalanche of memories; the beautiful, the bittersweet. And for the briefest of moments, those memories would be enough to carry us through another year – another lifetime – of pining for what has been missed. – Mondsee Lake

Photo-Blog Day 15 – Vienna

There is something restorative about solo travel, about having the belief – however frivolous and transient – that life can be conquerable on our own. – Vienna

Photo-Blog Day 14 – Vienna

For all my life I have wanted nothing more than a calm course of existence; having a home that is inviting, work that is intellectual, travel that is invigorating and then, on top of all that, you, to anchor my sense of belonging in this world. – Vienna

Photo-Blog Day 13 – Budapest

Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains. This is one of my all time favourite quotes (Jean-Jacques Rousseau), and over time the wisdom of it has begun to percolate. It is travelling which has taught me to unchain myself, to not only taste freedom, but to savour it. – Budapest

Photo-Blog Day 12 – Budapest

I have always wanted to watch sunrises and sunsets. I have always wanted to do many things typically associated with romance (and not just read about them). Most of the time such wistful notions have been buried under the comfort of laziness, procrastination and routine. The travelling bug seems to bring out a different side…

Photo-Blog Day 11 – Prague

Happiness is a choice; so is positivity. When the clouds come rolling in and the skies open up, I await with quiet anticipation not the bleak and dreary horizon, but the most resplendent silver lining. – Prague

Photo-Blog Day Ten – Munich

Rarely nowadays do I wake up with the feeling that life is cloudless. But it can be, and this has been one of them. – Munich  

Photo-Blog Day Nine – Burano 

Money can’t buy happiness, that is true enough. But money can buy a holiday, and sometimes that’s as close a substitute as it gets! – Burano

Photo-Blog Day Eight – Venice

I stood atop the city and surveyed the horizon. It responded with a majestic smile that spoke to my heart and an anchoring gaze that never ceased to pull me in… – Venice

Photo-Blog Day Seven – Venice

There is arguably no feeling which trumps the awestruck moment of seeing something for the first time. I like the “first time” halo; the sensory overload which follows is living proof that every effort preceding it is worth my while. – Venice

Photo-Blog Day Six – Florence

Travelling has a way of magnifying all positive emotions, those warm and fuzzy sensations that well up in our hearts at inexplicable moments. It reinvigorates the mind, in ways that a stationary state can never hope to achieve. – Florence

Photo-Blog Day Four – Rome

They say that what we find depends on what we are looking for. Well, that is not entirely true. Life happens when we least expect it to. In the open air museum that is Rome, life bustles at every turn. But there is stillness, too, tucked away where you least expect to find them, a…