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  1. Great picture! I never tried solo travel.

    1. Jolene says:

      In my (limited) experience, I’ve found that men are less likely to travel solo. Perhaps they need someone to organise everything for them? I’m yet to figure out why… 😅
      Thanks for visiting! 😊

      1. I’m not sure why. Maybe because they need someone to share their thoughts. We need to investigate why.

      2. Jolene says:

        Sharing the thoughts or sharing the chores…? Haha I suspect it would be hard to bed down. 🙂

      3. Sharing the thoughts maybe. Hahaha. We can’t generalise, everybody is different.

  2. alawrenceg says:

    I wish I did more traveling alone when I was younger. Everyone I know who did it met people.

    1. Jolene says:

      Laurence, I hope you can look at it this way: what is gone is gone (ie time) it can never come back, but there is plenty still ahead of us and we can always put it to good use. I never travelled much until about 2 years ago (29) and if anyone said then I would be travelling alone to faraway lands I would say they are smoking. But here I am, and lovin’ it.

  3. Choi says:

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Jolene says:

      Thanks for reading! 😀
      By the way are you from Korea?

      1. Choi says:

        nope canadian living in hk:)

      2. Jolene says:

        Cool… I see, plenty of opportunities to dine out on HK!

      3. Choi says:

        most definitely!

  4. Len Kagami says:

    Stunning! I made a similar photo but not as good as yours 🙂 By the way, just noticed your new blog theme. Looks really cool!

    1. Jolene says:

      Thank you, I know you are being kind because you always take the best photos haha.
      Yes I decided to revamp it a few months ago, I get bored. 🤣

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