Photo-Blog Day Nine – Burano 

Money can’t buy happiness, that is true enough. But money can buy a holiday, and sometimes that’s as close a substitute as it gets! – Burano

Photo-Blog Day Eight – Venice

I stood atop the city and surveyed the horizon. It responded with a majestic smile that spoke to my heart and an anchoring gaze that never ceased to pull me in… – Venice

Photo-Blog Day Seven – Venice

There is arguably no feeling which trumps the awestruck moment of seeing something for the first time. I like the “first time” halo; the sensory overload which follows is living proof that every effort preceding it is worth my while. – Venice

Photo-Blog Day Six – Florence

Travelling has a way of magnifying all positive emotions, those warm and fuzzy sensations that well up in our hearts at inexplicable moments. It reinvigorates the mind, in ways that a stationary state can never hope to achieve. – Florence

Photo-Blog Day Four – Rome

They say that what we find depends on what we are looking for. Well, that is not entirely true. Life happens when we least expect it to. In the open air museum that is Rome, life bustles at every turn. But there is stillness, too, tucked away where you least expect to find them, a…

Photo-Blog Day Three – Rome

Travelling is a privilege, not a right. As time wore on in this journey I realised how truly privileged I am. Privileged to see such greatness, and equally as humbled. – Rome

Photo-Blog Day Two – Lake Como

I’ve never minded seeing things in a little bit of a blur (one of the many side benefits of perennial short-sightedness). There is a certain charm in the unknown; free for romantic spirits to roam wild and for our imaginations to blossom. – Lake Como

Photo-Blog Day One – Milan

It seems like I have been forever pursuing life on the run; studying on the run, working on the run, and now, photo-blogging on the run. No wonder there is so much salvation in being able to hit pause; to stare up into space and be mesmerised by life in all its intricacies. – Milan